Client/Owner: Liberty Center, Liberty Township, Ohio
Concept, Artistic Direction & Feature DesignSardi Design, Miami, Florida
Multimedia Content Production: Float4, Montreal, Canada
Control Design & Engineering: Smart Monkeys Inc., Miami, Florida
Media Feature Production & Installation: SACO Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada
Sponsorship & Narrative Concept: MRA International, Miami, Florida

SACO unveiled its latest video lighting installation at the newly created premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination Liberty Center in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Almost 1500 Shockwave V-stick Linear Video products cover the surface of the rooftop’s large cylindrical tower, which is a major focal point for the thousands of people that arrive at the Liberty Center every day.

The V-Stick fixture is designed to be discreet during the day, blending into the architecture and exposing the corrugated structure reminiscent of the smoke stack. When the sun sets, the tower comes to life with bright, colorful video content communicating the vibrant life of the venue. With a combination of almost 30,000 high intensity LED pixels, SACO delivered a magical experience on the Liberty Center skyline.

“What made this project so special was the collaboration with the client and the design team from the very beginning. It allowed us to develop and integrate our media solutions within the very fabric of the building, which in turn completely conceals the technology and allows the design to shine” says Jon Labbee, Executive Producer & CMO.

Using SACO’s high-speed V-Stream Video communication protocol, the Shockwave V-Stick delivers super high-quality video content, excellent brightness control and incredible depth to its ultra-smooth color range. Easily integrated into any architectural structure, the V-Stick is one of SACO’s most popular and successful fixtures. It’s lightweight, superior slim design and long lasting, reliable technology beat the competition every time.

In addition to the LED Center Tower, SACO also created custom features for the LED video screen and the Chapel screen within the property. If you would like more information about SACO or our LED Media and Lighting Technology and solutions, please get in touch at

Project Specs:

  • Size:
    • Upper section: 3000mm High ( 9’ 10 1/8’’)
    • Lower section: 5500mm High (18’ 17/32’’)
    • Diameter: 3048mm (10’)
  • Resolution:
    • Vertical pixel pitch: 25mm
    • Horizontal pixel pitch: ~112.5mm
    • Upper section: 120 pixels tall by 88 round
    • Lower section: 220 pixels tall by 88 round
    • *Gap between sections is equivalent to 44 pixels tall by 88 pixels wide.
  • Features:
    • 1496 x 500mm SACO® V-Stick fixtures
    • 16BITS Color processing (341 Trillion Shades)
    • Adjustable 300Hz to 5,400Hz Scanning speed