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SACO was delighted to work with world-renowned American neo-conceptual Artist Jenny Holzer to feature “For Philadelphia”, a digital video art installation that runs along the ceiling of the new Comcast Technology Center’s ultra technology enabled lobby.

Designed by renowned architect firm, FOSTER + PARTNERS, the Comcast Technology Center has 60 floors and is the 9th tallest building in the U.S. and the tallest outside of New York and Chicago. Liberty Property Trust and Comcast Corp. officially opened their new technology tower to the public on October 17. The skyscraper won’t be fully complete until next year, but the public is welcome to explore the tower’s two-story lobby.

SACO teamed up with Jenny Holzer to produce the outstanding public LED art display using high speed SACO V-Stream Video protocol. The custom installation measures a total of 2,152 linear feet and is separated into 9 thin lines, designed specifically to display crawling, animated text and video backgrounds designed by Artist Jenny Holzer. SACO specially made a 6.34mm pixel pitch to fit in between the architectural ceiling wood slats that travel the entire length of the lobby and traverses the escalator area.

SACO went even further to create custom greyed out contrast plates and a bespoke low profile, discreet mounting system to seamlessly integrate into the building’s unique architecture and design.

“By camouflaging the technology and integrating within the building, we allow the intent of the artist and architect to be expressed.” said Jonathan Labbee, Executive Vice-President & CMO of SACO. “We have built a company on open thinking, unique design and R&D capabilities which allow us to deliver LED media solutions that accurately express our client’s intent.”

The main focus of Holzer’s work is the delivery of words and ideas in public spaces. Upon walking into Comcast Technology Center’s lobby, phrases move forward and back across the tall ceiling like a digital message board. Comically, part of one narrative reads, “The best day I ever had was when we had the pizza party and I felt happy.” Holzer also included some more consequential messages, such as “You owe the world not the other way around” and “You can live through your descendants”.

“A trip to Philadelphia is a must to take in this incredible project,” said Jonathan Labbee, Executive Vice-President & CMO of SACO. “The integration of Holzer’s public art “For Philadelphia”, into Comcast Technology Center’s high tech lobby will inspire you.”

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